Is It Possible to Cremate Pets?

Posted at February 10, 2021 in Blog by Slava Darozhkin

Your pet is a family member and losing a pet is always a difficult time, whatever the circumstances. Knowing that your pet has been safely and respectfully laid to rest can give you some comfort. 

When Is It Time to Have Your Pet Put Down

Posted at December 20, 2020 in Blog by Slava Darozhkin

Pets bring incredible amounts of joy, love, and companionship into our lives. That’s why, as difficult as seeing them go is, it’s even harder to be the decision maker, when / if it's time to put your pet down.

Caring for Aging Pets: Helping Our Pets Age With Grace

Posted at August 8, 2019 in Blog by Slavy Daro

Caring for Aging Pets: Helping Our Pets Age With Grace By Jeff Werber, D.V.M.   Wouldn’t we all do everything we can to keep our aging pets with us for as long as possible?  Well, with good preventive care, and of course lots of love, we can hopefully make this happen. Caring for Older Pets Age is not a disease!!  Age is a condition that we need to prepare for, and deal with, as time passes us by.  I work with a number of rescue organizations, and am often shocked at the number of senior pets that are abandoned at shelters and rescue groups just because they were old! I had to say goodbye to 3 of our dogs over...