Here at Century Veterinary Group we want pet owners to realize that spaying and neutering serves many valuable functions. Surgical sterilization yields important health benefits that can extend your pet’s life expectancy and prevent expensive and complicated veterinary treatments. It also eliminates the aggressiveness and other undesirable behaviors associated with your pet’s maturity cycles. Our facility offers these safe and relatively straightforward operations, which involve minimal recovery time and rarely produce complications, among the many other veterinary wellness procedures we provide for Los Angeles pets.

Benefits of Spay and Neuter Surgery for Los Angeles Pets

The most direct wellness benefit of spay and neuter surgery for your dog or cat is a dramatically lowered risk of reproductive cancers and infections. Our veterinarian neuters a male animal by making a surgical incision and then removing the testicles, while a spay surgery involves removal of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. By removing the reproductive organs, our veterinarian removes the risk of these organs developing potentially lethal cancers.

As a side effect, hormonal balances are also altered, and this in turn lowers the risk of breast cancer in female animals. This is an important consideration, because breast cancer kills half of all dogs and up to 90 percent of all cats diagnosed with the disease. Spaying and neutering thus improves life expectancy and helps eliminate the need for lengthy and expensive cancer treatments.

The hormonal changes brought about by spay and neuter surgery also has a positive effect on pet behavior. Dogs and cats who go into heat experience agitation, frustration, and a compulsion to mark their territory by spraying urine on items of furniture or outdoors as part of the mating instinct. Animals also become highly aggressive, making them potentially dangerous to humans or to each other. Dogs and cats that get into fights can be seriously injured, requiring emergency treatment from a veterinarian. They may also feel compelled to escape from your home or yard in search of potential mates, another potentially hazardous behavior.

Pet population control can be thought of as a kind of wellness, in terms of the long-term overall benefit for the animal community. Each new litter of puppies or kittens must receive adequate food, shelter, vaccinations and other preventative medical care, and many pet owners cannot afford to raise and care for multiple animals. In many cases, these puppies and kittens are given to animal shelters, from which they may or may not eventually find their way to another household. Pet population control helps existing pets enjoy greater access to the resources they require for a healthy, happy life.

Bring your Los Angeles pet to our clinic for spaying or neutering. Any veterinarian among our skilled trio can help your pet receive this vital wellness procedure and then advise you on the recovery and veterinary follow-ups.