At Century Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarian’s in Los Angeles are passionate about keeping pets healthy and active at every stage of their lives. Pet exams are essential to reducing the risk for illness. Even if your pet seems healthy on the outside, dogs and cats are experts at hiding the symptoms of illness. This is why an annual exam is so important for evaluating your pet’s overall health. Exams are also critical if your pet is limping, has a change in appetite, or any other abnormal behavior. Additionally, since regular checkups keep your pet healthy, this reduces the likelihood for expensive veterinary care or emergency pet care.

Veterinarian in Los Angeles Recommends Regular Pet Wellness Exams

Our veterinarian’s in Los Angeles recommend an annual exam for all adult pets. During this checkup, our veterinarian’s will perform a full physical, take a fecal sample screening for parasites, and ensure your pet is up to date on critical core vaccinations. We may also recommend diagnostic screening tests. A full blood chemistry panel provides a critical snapshot of your pet’s overall health. Since pets are prone to hiding the symptoms of illness, a diagnostic screening test is essential to identifying potential health problems before external symptoms are apparent. A complete blood count will measure red blood cells and white blood cells. These diagnostic screening tests can identify problems including a thyroid imbalance, and test kidney function and liver function. Urine tests are also be beneficial for assessing your pet’s overall health.

As pets age, they are at increased risk for developing many of the same health problems affecting humans. These health problems include cancer, liver and kidney disease, diabetes, arthritis, cognitive problems, arthritis and degenerative joint disease, and intestinal problems. If you notice any unusual symptoms or changes in your cat or dog’s behavior, it is critical that you schedule a wellness check up with our veterinarian in Los Angeles as soon as possible. Early detection allows for prompt treatment of health problems, expands the treatment options that are available, and can minimize the overall cost for veterinary care. Symptoms to watch out for in older pets include incontinence, diarrhea, shortness of breath, stiffness or limping, and change in eating habits.

During our pet wellness exams, our veterinarian will discuss your pet’s lifestyle habits and diet. We will confirm that your pet is up to date on all core vaccinations, include rabies. Core vaccinations require booster shots every one to three years, depending on the vaccine manufacturer’s requirements. Depending on your pet’s lifestyle, he or she may also benefit from additional vaccination protection. We work closely with pet owners to determine the right treatment plans for your pet.

At Century Veterinary Clinic, we strongly believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care. Vaccinations, heartworm prevention medication, and deworming are essential to protecting your pet’s health.

Contact our veterinarian to learn more about the benefits of regular pet exams and to schedule your pet’s exam today.