From spay and neuter operations to advanced orthopedic care, our veterinary care team provides cat and dog surgery in our state-of-the-art surgical suites. We understand that any operation, no matter how routine, can be stressful for pets and their owners. Our professional approach when offering Los Angeles pet surgery services is to integrate the highest quality care with the strictest safety standards. Thanks to advanced diagnostics, cutting-edge procedures and stringent pain management protocols, your pet will be in safe hands with our experienced veterinary surgical team.

Los Angeles Veterinarian Maintains Years of Experience with Cat and Dog Surgery

For over 28 years, Century Veterinary Group and Dr. Jeff have provided a variety of pet surgical services for the greater Los Angeles pet owners. Spay and neuter pet surgery is one of our most common procedures. This routine operation is essential to reducing the unwanted animal population. Spaying and neutering a pet also offers many important health and behavioral benefits, including a decreased risk for some cancers. We strongly recommend that you spay and neuter your pets. This surgery is affordable, routine and has limited recovery time. In fact, many of our pet patients are eager to be active again just days after the operation. Even though spay and neuter is routine, we still follow strict standards set by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), through whom we are accredited. This involves careful pain management protocols, training, and safety. Your pet’s well-being is our primary concern at all times.

Prior to cat or dog surgery, we use advanced diagnostic equipment, including digital radiography and ultrasound to precisely diagnose the health condition affecting your pet. If we will be using anesthesia during the operation, then we will also conduct diagnostic blood work. These tests help ensure that there are no undiagnosed health problems that could interact with the anesthesia.

Following an operation, we will monitor your pet’s recovery until it is safe for your pet to return home. We send every pet home with detailed post-operative care instructions. These instructions include information for feeding, managing pain, and gradually helping your pet become active again. Should you have any questions about your pet’s recovery, our veterinarian Dr. Jeff or our veterinary care team is always available to help.

Before any surgical procedure, our veterinarian will explain in detail the importance of this surgery and discuss any existing alternatives. In some cases, pet surgery may not be the best option, especially if an animal is older. In other instances, emergency surgery may be necessary to save your pet’s life. Dr. Jeff will always recommend the best care option, whether it is pet surgery or an alternative treatment. We want to provide options for your pet when you need a vet clinic in Santa Monica or Hollywood.

Every year, hundreds of pet owners trust our veterinary care team to complete everything from spay/neuter procedures to complex operations. Our vet clinic is honored to be trusted with your pet’s health and committed to providing the best cat or dog surgery experience possible.