Everyone loves feeling fresh and clean — and that goes for dogs and cats as well as humans. Regular grooming helps your pet look and feel his best while also providing a number of important health benefits, making grooming not only a refreshing treat but also a sensible part of any preventative wellness routine. Our Los Angeles veterinary team includes an experienced groomer to help Dr. Jeff provide a high level of ongoing care for our furry patients.

Even the relatively simple act of brushing and trimming a pet’s hair can help support better health and comfort. Since cats clean themselves with their tongues, the more loose hair your cat has in his coat, the more of a hairball problem he will experience. Regular brushing at home is a nice way to establish a close tactile bond with your cat while enabling you to get that excess hair out of the way. Both cats and dogs benefit from the way brushing redistributes skin oils and removes both irritants and hot layers of extra hair. Some animals, however, require especially careful handling, especially if their coats have become tangled with mats. Our groomer can deal with these mats without pulling your pet’s hair, through a combination of strategic trimming and expert brushing techniques. Your pet may also benefit from a fashionable haircut, especially in hot weather. We can recommend specific styles that will look great on your pet’s breed, or you can tell us what kind of cut you prefer. A haircut makes extra sense if your pet suffers from matted fur, because our groomer can simply cut the mats away.

Bathing is another important of grooming because it washes away excess oils that can attract bacteria, along with dirt, pests and unpleasant odors. We use gentle, veterinarian-approved shampoos and conditioners to remove these unwanted substances, and our veterinarian can make a note of any skin conditions that might need treatment. Our use of all-natural products helps to remove the chances that your pet might have an allergic reaction to the grooming process. We also clean the ears as needed. You can even ask our groomer to perform a basic tooth brushing, although this is not a substitute for professional checkups and cleanings.

Trimming a pet’s nails (unless of course the pet has been declawed) can make the animal more comfortable and prevent painful problems. Long, jagged nails can drag against carpet fibers or upholstery and actually rip the nail at the cuticle, a painful condition that invites infections. Unless you are skilled at trimming your pet’s nails, we recommend that you leave the task to our groomer.

Schedule This Wellness Essential for Your Pet

We encourage Los Angeles pet owners to contact our clinic to schedule an initial pet grooming session and see the difference professional grooming can make, not only in the pet’s appearance but in his health as well.