Los Angeles Vet Offering Pet Dental Procedures

Thinking about good dental hygiene? While many of us make an effort to go to the dentist regularly, we often overlook the veterinary dental needs of our pets.

Dr. Jeff and our exceptional pet expert team at Century Veterinary Group offer a wide variety of dental services in addition to our outstanding vet clinic care. We offer routine procedures for cleaning dogs teeth, with full anesthesia or with twilight anesthesia. In addition, we also treat many common but serious veterinary dental problems.

Common Veterinary Dental Problems of Los Angeles Pets

While Los Angeles cats and dogs may be different in many ways, both suffer from similar styles of dental problems. Our pet expert team at Century Veterinary Group commonly sees the following ailments: impacted teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, infections, an Stomatitis.

Impacted Teeth

One of the most common ailments Dr. Jeff and his pet expert team team see is impacted teeth. This regularly happens in younger pets with developing teeth or those who have gone extensive periods without proper vet care. Generally, impacted teeth in pets need to be removed while under anesthesia. (Pets under one year should be checked at three months, six months, and twelve months for teeth development issues.)

Chipped and/or Cracked Teeth

Chipped and/or cracked teeth is another common dentistry problem we see in our vet clinic and usually occurs when a pet has chewed on something too hard. Ignoring this problem often leads to infections, inability to eat, or other serious health problems.


Infections are one reason that cleaning dogs’ teeth and cleaning cats’ teeth is so important. By keeping plaque and tarter off the animal’s gum line, many common infections can be prevented. If any blisters or bleeding in or near the dog or cat’s mouth is noticed, it is important to visit a pet expert immediately.


While many pet owners are unfamiliar with stomatitis, it is important to understand what it is. In general, Stomatitis starts with an untreated infection of the mouth. From there, the antibodies of the animal begin to recognize the teeth as part of that infection. Most animals with this condition start to lose many or all of their teeth, greatly impacting their ability to eat and defend themselves. If still left untreated, this disease can cause further deterioration in the animal’s body.

Beginning with the first vet clinic check-up of life and continuing annually, each pet should have a routine dental exam to look for chipped, cracked, or impacted teeth and teeth cleaning for dogs and cats to minimize infection and decay. If as a pet owner, you notice any blistering, bleeding, sores, or other mouth ailments, our veterinarian should be contacted immediately.

By continuously monitoring your pet’s dental needs, you are increasing your pets overall health. In addition, the cost of routine pet dental care grossly outweighs the need of care in the event of an emergency or infection.

For more information on cleaning dogs teeth or other veterinary dental procedures, please contact our Los Angeles vet clinic at 310-559-2500.