Here at Century Veterinary Group in Los Angeles, we have a spacious, comfortable pet housingfacility that not only provides safe, enjoyable surroundings, but a team of veterinary professionals who know what pets need and want to feel comfortable. Our pet boarding team plays and care for your pets during their stay with us, and we can even take care of other pet care needs such as pet grooming at the same time. If you are worried about a medical condition or anything happening to your pet during your absence, you have peace of mind knowing that your pet’s veterinarian, who knows your pet and his or her needs in particular, is right there to help if the need arises.

Pet Boarding from Our Los Angeles Veterinarian and Staff Provides Comfort and Security

In order to provide the very best pet care during each pet boarding stay, we maintain certain requirements in order to ensure the safety and security of all of our guests. First of all, we require that all pets be completely up-to-date on their vaccinations, and that they have received an additional bordetella vaccination (against “kennel cough”) sometime in the past six months. We also require each of our guests to have maintained a proper flea and tick prevention regimen so that they are pest-free. This helps maintain the safety and comfort of all of our pet boarding guests.

We want your pet to feel comfortable and important in our pet housing area. We can provide a high-quality dry pet food for your pet while he or she is with us, or you can bring your pet’s food that he or she is used to. Naturally, you are also welcome to bring a favorite toy or blanket to ease your pet’s transition to being away from home. Usually, though, our guests are so excited to meet their fellow boarders and have their playtime and walks that they are having fun with us in no time. If desired, you can also have us take care of pet grooming while your pet stays with us. Grooming is important for your pet’s health, and it adds an extra level of pampering that makes your pet feel special during his or her stay.

One of the best things about having your pet stay with us while you are away is peace of mind. When a pet stays with us, our veterinarian is always on hand in case anything should happen. This is particularly comforting for pet owners who have pets with certain medical conditions. Our entire staff is trained in administering medications and maintaining specialpet care for guests that have any special medical concerns.

Please call us today at 310-559-2500 to ask about pet boarding.