Can A Pet Sense Their Owner's Death

Posted at February 20, 2020 in Blog by Slava Darozhkin

When a pet owner passes away, it can be a confusing time for their pet because no one is able to explain to them what is happening.  

6 Ways to Take Care of your New Kitten

Posted at September 16, 2019 in Blog by Corinna Underwood

Kittens make adorable pets. If you’re planning on bringing one home, you’ll need to be prepared so that your new pet will be safe, healthy, and comfortable. Here are some tips to help your new kitten feel right at home with your family. [caption id="attachment_355" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Andrii Podilnyk, Unsplash[/caption] Time Your Homecoming Right You probably can’t wait to bring your new bundle of fur home. Make sure you give your pet enough time with her mother. Although you can bring a younger kitten home, 8 to 10 weeks is the best age as this gives her time to learn healthy habits while still in the litter. If you are rescuing a kitten, the situation may be different, and the...

4 Homemade Treats for Pets with Dr. Jeff

Posted at May 29, 2019 in Blog by Slavy Daro

What are some of the best treats you can give your pet?    For us, homemade pet treats are the best pet treats; we know what goes into them, and we get to labor in our love. Home is where the heart is anyway, so we might as well source your treats from there as well.  There are other benefits to feeding your pets treats you made at home too, like they’re often cheaper, you can always increase the healthy aspect of it, and the best part? Sneak vitamins in your pet specifically needs! Check out these 5 homemade pet treat options and let us know which is your favorite! 1.Salmon Treats - because what could be better than a...