Is CBD Safe for Dogs and Cats?

Posted at January 20, 2021 in Blog by Slava Darozhkin

 There is a considerable body of research on how CBD can benefit human health and many pet owners are becoming increasingly curious about whether CBD is safe for cats and dogs and if it can improve their pet’s health.   Visit Dr. Jeff Werber’s Instagram account (@werbs_dvm) to view and submit questions and answers on weekly AMAs – or call and leave a voicemail at 424-835-0576. Your call will be returned posthaste. For emergencies, download Dr. Jeff Werber’s app Airvet, a video-chat option for veterinary needs at any time of day or night! 

Where to Get Spay and Neuter Services for Cheap in California

Posted at January 10, 2021 in Blog by Slava Darozhkin

Sometimes, pet owners are uncertain whether or not they should spay or neuter their dog or cat. The important thing to bear in mind is that it is best to spay or neuter your pet because it prevents unwanted growth in the animal population and so reduces the risk of pet abandonment and euthanasia. 

When Is It Time to Have Your Pet Put Down

Posted at December 20, 2020 in Blog by Slava Darozhkin

Pets bring incredible amounts of joy, love, and companionship into our lives. That’s why, as difficult as seeing them go is, it’s even harder to be the decision maker, when / if it's time to put your pet down.

Poison Control for Dogs | What To Do if Your Dog is Poisoned

Posted at December 10, 2020 in Blog by Slava Darozhkin

While everyday household items like chocolate, raisins and Xylitol are safe for humans, they can prove to be dangerous to your pet’s health, if ingested. Data by the poison control helpline shows more than 68,000 reported cases of animal poison exposure in 2019 alone. 

Pet Trespassing Laws by State

Posted at November 20, 2020 in Blog by Slava Darozhkin

Among questions about property law, one of the most common questions is if it is legal to kill a trespasser on your property. While the trespasser can be a person or animal, we will be covering what states say about a trespassing animal.