Is CBD Safe for Dogs and Cats?

Posted at January 20, 2021 in Blog by Slava Darozhkin

 There is a considerable body of research on how CBD can benefit human health and many pet owners are becoming increasingly curious about whether CBD is safe for cats and dogs and if it can improve their pet’s health.   Visit Dr. Jeff Werber’s Instagram account (@werbs_dvm) to view and submit questions and answers on weekly AMAs – or call and leave a voicemail at 424-835-0576. Your call will be returned posthaste. For emergencies, download Dr. Jeff Werber’s app Airvet, a video-chat option for veterinary needs at any time of day or night! 

Is Chocolate Safe for Dogs or Cats?

Posted at October 20, 2020 in Blog by Slava Darozhkin

Dr. Jeff said, “The short answer is, don’t feed your pets chocolate! The long answer is that there are certain grades and amounts of chocolate that are obviously much more serious than others.” 

10 Most Common Cat Health Problems

Posted at September 10, 2020 in Blog by Slava Darozhkin

Cats run into all kinds of medical problems during their lifetime. Usually, your kitty gets sick by ingesting a toxin, being in contact with an infected cat or just venturing outside. 

Popular Pet Parasites & Treatments for Dogs, Cats

Posted at July 10, 2020 in Blog by Slava Darozhkin

Whether they are lurking in the park or sneaking around your house, pet parasites represent a serious health risk for both dogs and cats. But the good news is that you can nurse your dog or cat back to normal with some over-the-counter parasite treatments.

At What Age Are Cats Considered Adults?

Posted at May 10, 2020 in Blog by Slava Darozhkin

It’s hard to say at what age cats are considered adults. Indeed, adult cats maintain a youthful appearance throughout their life that makes judging their age difficult to discern.