Top 10 Dog Instagram Accounts for Dog Lovers

Dog Instagram Accounts

Top 10 Dog Instagram Accounts for Dog Lovers

Are you looking for a daily dose of Doggy Deliciousness? Some Perfect Pups to brighten your day? Look no further than the 10 best dog-related Instagram accounts we’ve listed below- each with their own special shtick to make them stand out in a world of puppy pictures:


  • @dogs.lovers– this account features pictures cute pups, mostly the more common breeds- but hey, if it ain’t broke…
  • @DogsofInstagram– beyond just pictures of the adorableness, here we have the best of the best videos of dogs being so darn dog-like, it’s hard not to give them a follow.

  • @BoopMyNose– a daily post featuring an up-close snap of a very boop-able shnoz. Once you follow them, you’ll be looking forward to their uploads every day. 
  • @Dogsworkingfromhome – like the handle suggests, a ridiculously cute array of people’s dogs dressed for work at the office- think suits and ties, reading glasses, and laptops all set up around our featured furry friends. 

  • @Weratedogs – with an incredible 1.6 million followers, these self-proclaimed dog raters take your submitted pictures and videos and rate them on a scale out of 10. Spoiler: all the posts rate at least 10/10
  • @dogsarethefunniest – as the handle suggests, this account curates the best memes featuring our beloved best friends. Posts are taken from Snapchat, Twitter, and the gram- all in one convenient place. 

  • @Bagdogs – only the best photos of – you guessed it- dogs in bags! Ranging from full size labradors to tiny tea cup pups, if they’re in a bag or carrier, they’re on this account. 
  • @dogsbeingbasic – much like @dogsarethefunniest, this account collects and features the best dog-related memes that we’ve seen. Like their bio explains, it’s “the goodest doggo memes out there!”, and their 1 million followers agree. 

  • @teacupspuppies -this account is slightly different, because they’re actually a boutique for the puppies themselves, but like the name suggests, these are tiny teacup size puppies, and the aesthetic of the account is pastel and soft, but they feature some of the cutest miniature doggies we have ever seen. 
  • @doggosdoingthings – having one of the largest following out of the list we’ve created- at a whopping 2.3 million- this account has a great base of dogs and puppies just being their adorable selves, mixed in together with some popular pet-related memes. 

As an added bonus, here are some other pet-related accounts we thought deserved honorable mention:


  • @DrJeffWerber – veterinarian to the pets of celebrities, this star-featured account focuses on what’s best for your pets, and has a ‘AMA’ feature weekly- a chance for you to submit your questions and have them answered in an IGTV segment 

  • @Pawp – this company has everything adorable for your pup, from parkas to plushies. 
  • @animalplanet– like their bio says, “keeping the childhood joy and wonder of animals alive” 


Whichever accounts you find yourself following, we know you’ll find the daily dose of happiness that you were looking for.  

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