6 Unique Ideas of What To Do With Your Pet During the COVID-19 Lockdown


6 Unique Ideas of What To Do With Your Pet During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Many of us are finding ourselves stuck at home due to mandated quarantine or lockdown plans thanks to coronavirus, and, let’s be real- sometimes, the day just drags on.

Instead of sitting around binging Netflix with your fur baby in your lap, here are 6 other ideas to keep you and your four-legged friends happy and healthy during the coronavirus quarantine, and to keep the boredom at bay:

  • Bake some treats at home. This idea is great because it actually accomplishes more than just keeping you occupied- it allows you to choose and know what’s going into the food your dog or cat is consuming, and you have the choice to tailor it to fit any specific diets they may be on. Plus, it saves you time and money at the pet shop. There are plenty for you to find online, but we found a couple of recipes for you to try out here and here 

  • Go outside for a set amount of time. This one may seem obvious, but try to expand your usual walk/fetch time into something much more exciting for you and your pet. If you’re in a place where parks are open, try one of their trails (make sure to have your pet on a leash!) that you’ve never been down, take a walk into a different part of your own neighborhood, even find the simplicity of your own backyard and host a mini-photo shoot with your little furry friend. We all know the benefits of being outside in the fresh air and sun, and this makes sure your pet gets their share, too. To find out if your town has parks available, check with your local government website. 

  • Have a singing contest. Assuming your neighbors can’t hear you, play some of your favorite songs or artists and enjoy as your pup will start to howl along with the tune. 

  • Go digging through the old stash of toys. “Remember when we bought this one?”, You’ll hear yourself saying out loud, after you go rummaging through the old and forgotten toys you bought long ago. Sometimes the toys haven’t been used in so long, they feel new to both you and your pet. Whether it’s a ball for fetch, or some tinkling mice, both you and your pet will be happy you went digging through the old bucket of toys. 

Do a craft! There are some simple and quick ways to make a cute keepsake, and involve your pet! 

  • Air-dry moulding clay– here is the easiest one we’ve found, and when it’s dry, it can be used decoratively around the house, or even made into a Christmas tree ornament. 

  • Another simple craft to do with your dog or cat is using paint (make sure it’s pet-friendly) and getting pictures of their paws. Use them to make cards or signs for family and friends. You can use phrases like “stay pawsitive!” or “I couldn’t pawsibly love you more”. Get the kids involved and let the imagination run wild! 

We hope that these easy ideas are helpful for you and your four-legged friends while we are all in this together. See you on the other side! 

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